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HECATE ENTHRONED - Virulent Rapture

  1. Thrones of Shadow  
  2. Unchained  
  3. Abyssal March
  4. Plagued by Black Death
  5. Euphoria
  6. Virulent Rapture
  7. Life
  8. To Wield the Hand of Perdition
  9. Of Witchery and the Blood Moon
  10. Immateria
  11. Paths of Silence

Hecate Enthroned es:
Nigel - Guitars
Elliot Beaver - Vocals
Gareth Hardy - Drums
Pete - Keyboards
Andy - Guitars
Dylan Hughes - Bass


CARCASS - Pre-Heartwork Parr Street Demos

Inglaterra (Liverpool) 

Grind / Tecnical Death Metal

Ken Owen - Drums
Bill Steer - Guitar and Vocas
Jeff Walker - Bass and Vocals
Mike Amott - Guitar

  1. Blind Bleeding The Blind
  2. Buried Dreams
  3. Carnal Forge
  4. Death Certificate
  5. Deliverance
  6. Doctrinal Expletives
  7. Heartwork
  8. No love Lost
  9. This Mortal Coil
  10. Arbeit Macht Frei
Pre-Heartwork Parr Street Demos - Earache Records - 1993
Para los "fanseses" del Carcass mas rancio, aquí les dejo los demos del Heartwork,
el sonido mas primitivo y sucio de la banda, pero con mucha técnica. 
(Ideal practicar el pogo-mosh en el metro-bus, mientras regresas de la escuela o del trabajo).


CARCASS - Wake Up and Smell the Carcass

Inglaterra (Liverpool)
Grind / Death Metal

Ken Owen - Drums, backing vocals * 12, 14-17
Bill Steer - Guitar and vocals * 12-14, 16-17
Jeff Walker - Bass and vocals
Mike Amott - Lead guitar * 12-13


  1. Edge of Darkness
  2. Emotional Flatline
  3. Ever Increasing Circles
  4. Blood Spattered Banner
  5. I Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
  6. Buried Dreams (live)
  7. No Love Lost (live)
  8. Rot 'n' Roll (live)
  9. Edge of Darkness (live)
  10. This Is Your Life
  11. Rot 'n' Roll
  12. Tools of the Trade
  13. Pyosisified (Still Rotten to the Gore)
  14. Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II
  15. Genital Grinder II
  16. Hepatic Tissue Fermentation
  17. Exhume to Consume
Earache Records - 1996


LOCK UP - Hate Breeds Suffering

  1. Feeding on the Opiate
  2. Castrate the Wreckage
  3. Violent Reprisal
  4. Detestation
  5. Retrogression
  6. Slaughterous Ways
  7. Dead Sea Scroll Deception
  8. Hate Breeds Suffering
  9. Catharsis
  10. The Jesus Virus
  11. Broken World
  12. Horns of Venus
  13. High Tide in a Sea of Blood
  14. Cascade Leviathan
  15. Fake Somebody / Real Nobody
  16. The Sixth Extinction
Nuclear Blast - 2002
Inglaterra (Birmingham)

Death Metal / Grind

Nicholas Barker - Drums
Shane Embury - Bass
Jesse Pintado - Guitars
Tomas Lindberg - Vocals


HECATE ENTHRONED - The Slaughter of Innocence, A Requiem for the Mighty

  1. Goetia
  2. Beneath a December Twilight
  3. The Spell of the Winter Forest
  4. Aflame in the Halls of Blasphemy
  5. A Monument for Eternal Martyrdom
  6. The Slaughter of Innocence...
  7. At the Haunted Gallows of Dawn
  8. Christfire
  9. Within the Ruins of Eden
  10. The Danse Macabre
  11. The Beckoning (An Eternity of Darkness)

Blackend-Death Records - 1997
Inglaterra (Manchester)

Symphonic Black Metal

Jon: All Vocals & Satanic Poetry
Paul: Bass Guitar
Robert: Drums
Marc: Guitars
Nigel: Guitars / Acoustic Guitars
Michael: Orchestra & Choir of the Damned



Mortals Watch the Day
Crying for Eternity
Daylight Torn
Pity the Sadness
No Forgiveness
Your Hand in Mine
The Word Made Flesh
As I Die

Music For Nations - 1992
England (Bradford)

Doom / Death Metal

Nick Holmes : Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh : Lead Guitars
Aaron Aedy : Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
Steve Edmondson : Bass
Matthew Archer : Drums

PARADISE LOST - Draconian Times

  1. Enchantment
  2. Hallowed Land
  3. The Last Time
  4. Forever Failure
  5. Once Solemn
  6. Shadowkings
  7. Elusive Cure
  8. Yearn for Change
  9. Shades of God
  10. Hands of Reason
  11. I See Your Face
  12. Jaded

Music For Nations - 1995
England (Bradford)

Doom / Goth Metal

Nick Holmes: Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh: Lead & Acuostic Guitars
Aaron Aedy: Rithm & Acoustic Guitars
Steve Edmondson: Bass
Lee Morris: Drums & Percussions


MY DYING BRIDE - Songs of Darkness, Words of Light

The Wreckage Of My Flesh
The Scarlet Garden
Catherine Blake
My Wine In Silence
The Prize Of Beauty
The Blue Lotus
And My Fury Stands Ready
A Doomed Lover

Peaceville Records - 2004

England (Yorkshire)

Doom Death / Gothic Metal

Aaron Stainthorpe : Vocals
Andy Craighan : Guitar
Hamish Glencross : Guitar
Abe Jackson : Bass
Sarah Stanton - Keyboards
Shaun Steels : Drums

MY DYING BRIDE - As The Flowers Withers

  1. Silent Dance
  2. Sear Me
  3. The Forever People
  4. The Bitterness And The Bereavement
  5.  Vast Choirs
  6. The Return Of The Beautiful
  7. Erotic Literature

Peaceville Records - 1992
Inglaterra (Halifax)

Doom Death Metal

Aaron Stainthorpe : Vocals
Andy Craihan : Guitar
Calvin Robertshaw : Guitar
Ade Jackson : Bass
Rick Miah : Drums

MY DYING BRIDE - The Angel and The Dark River (CD2)

  1. Your River 
  2. A Sea to Suffer in
  3. Your Shameful Heaven
  4. The Sexuality of Berevement

Peaceville Records - 1995
Aaron Stainthorpe - Vocals
Andrew Craighan - Guitar
Calvin Robertshaw - Guitar
Adrian Jackson - Bass
Martin Powell - Violin, Keyboards
Rick Miah - Drums

MY DYING BRIDE - The Angel and The Dark River (CD1)

MDB es:
Aaron Stainthorpe - Vocals
Andrew Craighan - Guitar
Calvin Robertshaw - Guitar
Adrian Jackson - Bass
Martin Powell - Violin,Keyboard
Rick Miah - Drums
  1. The Cry of Makind
  2. From Darkest Skies
  3. Black Voyage
  4. A Sea to Suffer In
  5. Two Winters Only
  6. Your Shemefull Heaven
  7. The Sexuality of Bereavement
M.D.B. ocupan un lugar dentro de mis  bandas preferidas, han pasado por su variadas facetas,en lo personal preferia la version doom-death sonaban bastante bien con sus melodiosas y pesadas composiciones.. Ademas de ser un talentoso frontman y liderar la banda por mas de 20 años, Azzron. también tiene una faceta como pintor.
Peaceville Records - 1995